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Cookies policy

What is a cookie?
A cookies or tracer is a general term for a text file saved in dedicated space on the devices’ hard drive (for example computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) when you view content or online advertising. This cookie file allows its issuers to identify the device on which it is stored for as long as the cookie is valid or stored, that means 13 months maximum. Therefore, cookies do not identify you directly.

Information about your browsing on our site are saved in cookies files installed on your device and allow us to track your activity and to recall information, such as user preferences or information the user previously entered in forms.


Three different types of cookies:

  • Session: they expire when you close your browser (or if you stay inactive for a certain time). They’re used for example on e-commerce websites so you can continue browsing without losing what you put in your cart.
  • Permanent: they persist even when the browser is closed. They have an expiration date of six months. They’re used to remember your passwords and login information so you don’t have to re-enter them every time.
  • Third-party: cookies attributes usually corresponds to the website domain they are on. Not for third-party cookies, they are installed by third-party websites, such as advertisers. They gather data about your browsing habits, and allow them to track you across multiple websites.

Why do we use cookies?

When using the chrstns website, steffie christiaens and/or third parties may collect information about your habits surfing on the website through cookies. Chrstns uses session and permanent cookies to: allow you to use essential features of our site such as storing your product selections to your shopping bag whilst you continue to shop and/or navigate to diffent pages of the site and accessing secure areas of the site. Cookies also serve to collect information about how you use the site, so we will be able to analyze the website and increase the userexperience.

However, you can change the settings for these cookies at any time on your computer. Be aware that, after deleting cookies, you might enter your preferences and or login information again on each website.